Some clarifications on Africa

You know, this website was started with one purpose and one purpose only: we need to start shedding light on the relationship between the United States and Africa. It’s a troubled relationship ever since it began, but lately all the politics and business-as-usual dealings have caused a tremendous amount of confusion in the American public regarding Africa and what it’s people stand for. It’s people are some of the most faithful, diligent people on the planet, and to call them otherwise is pure insanity!

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Conclusion on USA and Africa

It’s important to note that while the African and American cultures have their differences, globalization has allowed for the two to influence each other. Influences become ingrained and over time become more than just additions to a culture but the culture itself. Understanding influences will aid in understanding a culture. Americans often engage in nurse training with the intention of flying to Africa and helping those in need. Ironic how products in the USA aim to lose fat while those in 3rd world countries aim to increase it!

In most cases, the US/Africa relationship is a mutually beneficial one. Americans feel fulfilled and Africans get the help they need.

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How American Music Differs from African Music

American music on the other hand offers wide variety, but it derives a lot of its influences as well from Africans in the 1900s. There was Country music and Jazz music. There was Rock, Hip Hop, and Rap music. For the most part, American music is defined according to generations, with different musical phases experienced for every decade. For example, Jazz was very popular during the early years of the 1900s but when the ’70s and ’80s rolled in, Rock music was king.

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How Does Music Play a Role?

In terms of music, the African culture enjoys the same kind of diversity as the number of tribal groups and ethnicities there are in the continent. The common idea is that African music is rhythmic, with the drum in the center of attention. A large portion of Sub-Saharan music is deemed to be polyrhythmic, made up of multiple rhythms in just one composition. A lot of the aspects of Sub-Saharan music is thought of to have influenced various music forms outside of the continent when African slaves entered the new world, now heard in Jazz, Samba, Rock & Roll, Salsa, Rhythm and Blues, and even Rap music.

Post contributed by Tony Troutman. Troutman is a British blogger who can primarily be found at his personal website, Check out another article he has written here.

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America and their Beliefs

Despite its emphasis on business (especially expat insurance) and consumerism, among the number of developed countries, the American culture enjoys being one of the most religious as reported by a study in 2002. According to the study done by Pew Global Attitudes Project, Americans saw religion as a very important part of their lives, playing an important role in their existence much like the kind of devotion that Latin Americans have (click here for an example of American consumerism). However, the US remains to be a secular institution, separating church and state to define politics and religion in the country. Unfortunately, it is hard to separate the two because a lot of the policies that are being discussed for the benefit of society touch on moral and ethical grounds, thus involving religion in the issue.

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Religion and Culture

One of the many factors that define cultures is religion. African culture, for starters, is represented by a variety of folklore and religion, flooded by myths that dictate how micro-societies function. Religion is deeply ingrained in African culture and it shows. In Ethiopia, for instance, Islam and Christianity form the core of the country’s culture, even specifying what people can eat. Myths are also used to explain how things began, like the one about chameleon that cut open a tree trunk after hearing strange noises inside and causing a great flood that became the bodies of water in and around the continent.

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What American Culture Looks Like Today

Today, the American culture represents a diverse mix of ethnicities and races due to the large-scale immigration of various people from various countries throughout the years, from Christmas trees to the best anti aging serum! The main influences that can be said to have an impact on what the American culture is today include Welsh, Scottish, English, and Irish settlers.

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Differences between Africa and America

Understanding the different between the African and American cultures involves taking into consideration several factors. There are numerous things, after all, that define a culture and the same is true for both African and American cultures. Take the African culture, for instance. This kind of business ( would be much more likely to work in the U.S. It includes and encompasses all cultures found in the African continent, each one diverse and varied in their own way. In Africa, the idea of an online doctor would be a foreign concept whereas it’s commonplace in the States. Africa is called home by numerous ethnic, tribal, and social groups, some made up of millions of people while others can be as small as a couple of thousand.